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Michael has been a cinephile since the day as a young boy he fell in love with movies from the sixties including One Million Years BC, 2001:A Space Odyssey, Born Free and The Greatest Story Ever Told. When the cinema goes dark, it’s dream time! While movies as entertainment have enthralled him over the years, including the first Rocky movie, Jaws, First Blood, Play Misty for Me, Deliverance, Castaway, Saving Private Ryan, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, and so on, his richest film experiences have been when watching spellbinding artistic films. That is why he has compiled an all-time list of 111 films of cinematic genius. This website is about celebrating cinema as perhaps the supreme modern art form.

The Lumière brothers gave their first paid public screening of a movie they’d made on 28 December 1895 in Paris, showing, among other shorts, “Workers Leaving the Lumière factory in Lyon”. You could say this was the birth of cinema. Cinema is, therefore, over 125 years old.

In this website we will analyse and promote great cinematic art. We will also develop some new screenplays in addition to film critiques. For the moment, though, just sit back and browse through the website and enjoy thinking about what makes up cinema as an art form and what can we learn and enjoy from the masterpieces covered in the section 111 films of cinematic genius.

Finally, cinema has its own language, mostly of made of living imagery, or moving pictures married to sound. As is the case for its artistic cousins in literature, painting and theatre, this modern art form speaks to the heart through its universal language. If using this website deepens your love and appreciation of cinematic art, its purpose will have been fulfilled.

If you love cinematic art, you may wish to read the essays “Celebrating Cinematic Art” and “Ten Principles of Cinematic Art” before going to “111 Films of Cinematic Genius”. There are movie reviews by the Movie Love Ambassador for each of these 111 films.  Go to the Blog tab and you can click on the picture for each movie to bring up the movie review. (Don’t forget to look through the Older Entries, too, until you find the movies you want to read up about.)


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